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Legion of the Damned – Malevolent Rapture / Sons of the Jackal (2019) - [English] - Original MP3 - [320Kbps] - 253MB - No WM's {🎵}



Genre: Death Metal, Thrash Metal 
Year: 2019 
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 KBPS


1. Legion of the Damned
2. Death’s Head March
3. Werewolf Corpse
4. Into the Eye of the Storm
5. Malevolent Rapture
6. Demonfist
7. Taste of the Whip
8. Bleed for Me
9. Scourging the Crowned King
10. Killing for Recreation
11. Dead Man Walking
12. The Vow of Retaliation
13. Parasite
14. Killing Breed
15. Creatures of the Night
16. Son of the Jackal
17. Undead Stillborn
18. Avenging Archangel
19. Death Is My Master (Slay for Kali)
20. Sepulchral Ghoul
21. Seven Heads They Slumber
22. Infernal Wrath
23. Atomicide
24. Ten Horns Arise
25. Diabolist

MP3 - 253MB  - [ DOWNLOAD ]
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